zombieThe University of Florida’s response plans for a zombie apocalypse are no longer available for public consumption.

UF spokesman Steve Orlando said Friday the university removed a link to a disaster recovery exercise, which detailed how the school could respond to an outbreak of the undead. The link was taken down late Thursday afternoon.

Orlando says officials felt the joke “didn’t really belong” on the site, which also included plans for dealing with hurricanes and pandemics.

The exercise lays out the university’s response to attacks by “flesh-eating, apparently life impaired individuals.” It notes that a zombie outbreak might include “documentation of lots of strange moaning.”

Orlando says the employee who wrote the gag wasn’t punished.

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In the middle of the pacific ocean there is a giant pool of garbage. I had heard of this patch a couple of years back but never realized that it is just sparse bits of plastic and netting rotating around. Scripps University if looking into this and seeing if there is an easy way to clean it up and research other ways to get rid of it.

I guess the garbage planet of Wall-e is not as far away as that movie made it look.

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So I watched the whole season and this is what I thought after watching the finale

Dennis Rodman – Drunk

Tom Green – Funnier than I ever thought

Joan Rivers – Irritating, what the hell does she have against poker players?

Brandy – Hotter than I expected when I realized she was smart

Annie Duke – Got a lot hotter the instant she bragged how great of a blowjob she gives

Clint Black – I didn’t know country guys were so ego driven

And I don’t tend to be a homophobe, young hot gay guys are ok, but older crossdressing gay guys are really creepy.

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During the run up to the US Presidential election my wife, who is not interested in politicsat all asked me.

“Why is Osama Bin Laden running for president?”

Of course the only answer I could give her was.


“I just saw an ad on TV and there was a sign for Osama Bin Laden”

Are you sure it wasn’t Obama-Biden?”

“Oh, OK”

Well last night we were watching a bit of Larry King, actually I was watching and Michelle was trying to sleep and she asked me (now knowing who the hell Obama is).

“What ever happened to that bidden guy?'”

“His name is Biden, and he is the vice president tomorrow”

“Really, so it’s not Osama Bin Laden” hahaha We have been laughing about this for a few months now that she has the scoop.

She turned around to look at the TV “He’s an old white guy? He’s never going to be president”

“Well he has been a senator since he was 19 and he ran for president twice. Barack could have chosen the woman as a VP candidate but instead he picked he safe old white guy.”

“Well he is old, why didn’t he change his name yet?”

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I am a huge Adam Sandler fan and last week went to see Bedtime Stories with my 8 year old daughter. We saw the movie and loved it.

This week I saw a movie review for Bedtime Stories in one of our local free weekly papers and they tried to dismiss the movie as a simple morality tale that shows coincidences as making the hapless hero (Adam Sandler) to be successful.

Well this is the formula that Adam Sandler uses in most of his movies but who cares if it is shallow or if there is not enough “character development” in an Adam Sandler movie. They are funny moves review it on being funny, how many rimes you laughed, how many times everyone laughed, how you felt when you left.

I loved the movie like I love all Adam Sandler movies, be it Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, 50 First Dates, Mr Deeds, Big Daddy, the Wedding Singer or any other of these funny funny funny movies.

One more thing. Some Adam Sandler is for kids and some is for adults, in this case Bedtime Stories was written for kids and there are no uncomfortable parts for adults bringing kids like in Little Nicky or Anger Management.

See the movie and laugh and then laugh at the critics that will say that it is not Oscar potential becasue it is not supposed to be anyway.

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My 5 year old son last week got some of those red furry handcuffs from the dollar store. Boys like the idea of handcuffs because of the whole police thing and we watch Chips on DVD occasinally as well.

Well he gets home and I ask hime about the handcuffs and he told me that my 8 year old daughter had told him that they are special Valentines Day handcuffs and the way they are supposed to work is this:

On Valentines day you can kiss anyone. If you are worried that they are going to run then you can handcuff them so that they can’t get away. The red furry handcuffs are special handcuffs for this ust for Valentines day.

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I have been back to work for a week now and I must say that it is really nice to be back. A few years ago I took a couple of weeks at Christmas and it drove Michelle crazy. Me and nothing to do is not a very good sight. I should do a bit of a video for anyone that has not seen me in action but in just a few minutes I can switch topics a couple of times and talk too fast and too loud as well.

Anyway I was off this year for two weeks again and even though I did not completly drive my family crazy I was starting to miss Dave, Christina and Martin and doing way to much Twittering and seeing too many movies.

Being back I am getting closer to another release upgrade of the software that I support and am really happy that I am finally hands on for something besides kids and cleaning the house.

Here is a picture of a netbook. If my wife sees it maybe she will order it from Dell for me.

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Well I watched the first few episodes of Survivor this season and then dutifully set it up on the PVR and watched week after week as they stacked up.

Eventually we just deleted a half of this season of survivor.

Tonight the finale happens and we will be watching. First of course the show started late. Every week this show starts late. Football goes late, then they of course have to have all of 60 minutes and the end blathering of Andy Rooney.

What is with Andy Rooney, do people find him interesting, does he say anything insightful? I always feel like the crotchety old man schtick is way overdone and I hate seeing him.

So now we are going to wander aroound on the Sunday night ritual and catch glimpses of Survivor. Hope it is fun anyway.

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Well I have not posted in a while but thought that this story was interesting to me and of course is also interesting to you. Why would you car? Well you are at this page which makes me think that you are just killing time and have nothing better to do right now.

This morning I woke up after haveing a great nights sleep and had to go for a bit of a drive. Where did the family fo? Well we went ot see a pappy and start looking at cars.

Well in the end we bought the cute little puppy but will not be able to bring it home for a few weeks. So now we have to find a name for the dog. Derby? Frodo? Yippe-kai-yay-derby? Do good names yet.

After the dog we went and had some fast food lunch and then went to start looking at minivans to replace the not very reliable Aztek. Looking very quickly turned into buying and now we will have a very middle class-soccer momish-boring Gand Caravan Minivan. I will survive but I am one step closer to the Porsche and hooker midlife crisis that I always threaten everyone arouond with.

And the mouse. We got a mouse in our basement and last night I set traps covered in peanut butter, this morning I woke up to find four mouse traps licked clean of peanut butter. Don’t think this is the end, don’t tell the mice but I have now stuck chocolate to the top of more peanut butter. Lets see if I have killed a mouse by dawn.

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Sadly one of my favorite shows of the new season has been cancelled, My Own Worst Enemy is a show with Christian Slater where he plays some kind of covert operative that has a chip in his head that makes him able to fall into another persona of a family man.

That sysnopsis makes it sound terrible but the show had action and a really original story line.

Another show that got cancelled was Lipstick Jungle, I never watch it but my wife is quiet while watching it off the PVR so that I can surf through every page of the internet so Lipstick Jungles cancellation definitly affects me.

I sure wish people would start watching the show that I like. Last year I watched Studio 60 and it got cancelled. Also last year I was watching Caveman and Carpoolers.

Everyone start watching Fringe, I will be really pissed if that show gets cancelled too

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