February 4, 2007

Wow it has been months

And what is new? Well Jaiden is potty trained, Taylor is in Grade one, Michelle is finishing off her job, and I am onto another project.

Lot's going on but mainly we are getting ready to move again at the end of April to another townhouse or house close to my work.

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December 8, 2006

A lost teddy bear

Today Michelle, Taylor and Jaiden were at Southcenter Mall here in Calgary and Jaiden put his teddy bear down somewhere and now it is gone. I have no idea why this is affecting me so much but I feel really bad. The little brown bear that Jaiden has had since he was born was his very best friend. The bear is brown and is about six inches long, a little bear for a little boy.

I am sure this happens to lots of kids, heck Taylor lost a bunny that she really liked once when we went to Vancouver but with Jaiden's bear it seems to be a lot different. With Jaiden's trouble speaking clearly it seems that the bear is more important. Jaiden would take his little teddy bear wherever he went and it was always his constant companion.

I sure hope that somehow it turns up, for him as well as for me.

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June 1, 2006

A Short Conversation with Taylor...

Goes something like this:

(Dropping Taylor off at Kindergarten this AM)

Me: Don't forget your backpack Taylor
Me: Give me a kiss
Taylor: No, I don't need to kiss you...

(Taylor runs off and thru the doors to Kindergarten...never looking back)

Me: Stunned...reflect...almost shed a little tear!

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May 25, 2006

Finally Coming to an end...

Today will be my 2nd last day of training out of 3 weeks. I am so excited especially since last night was our last test (written). In 12 days we've had 7 tests, shit, that's worse than school from what I can remember. Tuesday we started training on the phones and will finish up on Friday. I am so excited and I'm sure Billy is also since he has been working from 5AM-1:30PM...those are damn crazy hours!

Our life will now become the way we know it again! and Billy and I will see more of eachother...we couldn't ask for anything better.

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May 15, 2006

So Tired

So for those of you that don't know I started training May 8th with a company called Neteller, I train Monday - Friday 2:30-9:30PM, so Billy has been working 5AM-1:30PM to enable me to get to Neteller on time, well the first week was hell, the kids got sick, some bad viral thing, a week later Jaiden is still coughing up a storm and Taylor is still not 100% so last week the kids kept us up alot in the night coughing, we caught up a little bit during the weekend and now today Jaiden goes to bed at his normal time...about 7:30PM & wakes up twice I guess because of the heat since for some reason Billy thought that closing his window would just be ducky...it was 26C today, well he woke up at 8PM and just fell asleep now at Midnight...so here I am tired and still awake. Training has been tough, with lots of quizes last week and a course a night for reading with about 3-4 chapters in each one. Friday AM I had a melt down after waking up with Taylor at 6:30AM all white lipped and dry heaving...we took her to the clinic.

My only question is why is it that when going thru something draining already the kids want to add more fire to the fuel?

Couldn't they have gotten sick the week before or 3 weeks from now?! on my schedule and terms!

Well I'm off to bed now...FINALLY!

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May 6, 2006

Taylor Camping again

Taylor is out camping with her Sparks Unit for the 4th time. Michelle and I miss her terribly when she goes camping but as she gets older and more independent it seems to be worse. The camping trip is in tents this time around so it will be Taylor's second time only that she will be camping in a tent.

Jaiden is happy today that he is the only one at home, lots of attention, and tonight is even better. Michelle has gone to a scrapbooking scrapathon until midnight to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day so I have been looking after Jaiden all night. Jaiden and I have played with trains, read books, had a little dinner together and watched bits of a half dozen movies!

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April 26, 2006


and...must I remind you why I'm the greatest wife in the whole wide world...hmmm, let me count the ways...

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April 25, 2006

Cleaning up the computer

Last night I ran down to the local Tim Hortons to get a tea for Michelle. When I got home I was all ready to watch '24" on tape but Michelle reminded me that I needed to resize some pictures on the computer for this website..."Oh and by the way clean up the desktop" Michelle says "Your crap is all over it".

I am sure that Michelle, the greatest wife in the world, is also a clean freak not only about the house but also about the computer as well.

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April 22, 2006

Ron Jeremy

Since Billy started working on this new project at work he decided that he wouldn't shave...so he grew his facial hair into a goatee...well this afternoon he decided to play around and shaved it into a moustache...I was busy scrapbooking so he came downstairs and I literally just about pissed myself laughing...I haven't had such a good laugh in a long, long time. It was priceless. By the way I HATE moustache's. So I've deemed him "Ron Jeremy".

Now isn't this the most pathetic attempt at a moustache!!!

Billy with his Ron Jeremy moustache.jpg

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Snow in April

I must say that I really don't mind Calgary's weather all that much. I mean we get a Spring, a Summer, a Fall and a of course we get Winter! Can't forget we get those wonderful Chinook's that I am so happy to see when it's been cold for a while and than all of a sudden it just warms right up that you can actually go outside with a sweatshirt on...even when it's -2C out.

Everyday this week I took the kids to the park...sometimes spending up to 2 hrs at the park. I feel guilty if I don't get those kids out enjoying the beautiful weather we've had all week, the last 2 days have been 21-23C out...I actually have some colour in my face, maybe a little burn and than the winds start blowing fiercely last night, I get up this morning and low and behold it is snowing out, it's a very wet snow, but it's still snowing...it was predicted, well I guess I will spend today scrapbooking.

Oh and GO FLAMES GO!!!

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